Patent on automating moving windows

Moom from Many Tricks had to shut down sales due to a US patent infringement lawsuit.

The patent is on automating the moving of windows, but it was filed in 2008 and granted in 2013. Isn’t Keyboard Maestro (and Applescript, for that matter) prior art on this? I thought Keyboard Maestro had this since the very beginning.

US Patent:

This is shocking -- that such a patent would have been granted. Seems like lots of prior art is available. See the comments in the above blog for details.

IAC, the patent seems very limited to me, and although IANAL[1], it doesn't seem like either KM or AppleScript would be affected.

From the patent:

. . . an image representing a display area of a user's computer screen. This image may be divided into a plurality of regions. Each region may represent an area within the display area. The method may further include enabling a user to select a region from the plurality of regions, such as, for example, with a mouse click, keystroke, keystroke combination, or the like. The method may then include automatically moving a window, such as the active window, in the window-based computing environment to the area represented by the region.

[1]. IANAL -- I am not a lawyer.

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Patent trolls.

Disgusting. I hope Rob and Peter at Many Tricks reach out to EFF and others to get help to fight this.

Moom is back with … hexagons :relieved: