Pause All Macros

I'm using KM OCR to collect data strings and input them into a data system.

Some of the data is scanned PDFs, and the OCR doesn't recognize certain characters due to variability. Occasionally I get a ' for a number 5 or a ' and it was supposed to be a 3. The data is displayed with enough time to read the data but not enough time to click pause with a debugger or drag mouse to the debugger.

I have set up a Cancel All Macros Hot Key, which works, but then I have to start the macro over again or, worse, manually enter the rest of the data.

Is there a Pause All Macros HotKey or something similar?

The way I envisioned would be a Hot Key press that would pause all macros, with an option to open the debugger. This could help with troubleshooting a macro and also allow a person to edit data after it is erroneously entered.

This may be more (or even less) than you're asking for, but the Checkpoint system I've implemented allows comprehensive tracing/breakpointing in KM macros under test.

Read about it here:

What I use in those occasional situations is a script that toggles the KM Engine.


tell application id "com.stairways.keyboardmaestro.engine"
	if running then
		set msgStr to "STOPPED."
		set msgStr to "STARTED."
	end if
end tell

set msgTitleStr to "Toggle KM Engine On/Off"
set msgStr to "KM Engine has been " & msgStr
display notification msgStr with title msgTitleStr