Pause by time and days. ( using RAND )


I am using this macro.

RAND(6,11) Minutes.

Is there any way to add some more conditions?

By Days and time :

ex) Days
Monday ~ Friday : RAND(6,11)
Saturday ~ Sunday : RAND(10,15)

ex) Time
9am~6pm : RAND(6,11)
7pm~12pm : RAND(8, 14)
1am~8am : RAND(10, 20 )

Please give me some tips if you have.

Thank you!

Sure, you can use the DOW or HOUR functions to determine the day of the week or time of day and from that choose the random parameters.

They can be tested using the If Then Else action and the Calculation condition to determine min and max values for the random number, or just the random number.

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