Pause macro until result of last action (create new track) has actually occurred on-screen in Ableton Live?

Hello all!

I've made a macro that I use for work in Ableton Live to create a new track, search for a preset that I made, and load said preset. The issue is, once the sessions I'm working in reach a certain size (and these are very large sessions), making a new track actually takes a few moments to happen and the spinning beach ball appears. The rest of the steps of the macro complete before the track is loaded, which results in either the wrong preset being loaded (it will load whatever was already the result in the search field), or only loading a new track.

Is there away to pause the macro until the spinning beach ball goes away and the new track has actually been created? I've tried making it pause until conditions are met -- found image (image of the spinning beach ball) but that doesn't work. Something to note - no loading window appears so I can't do something like "pause until front window of Ableton window is not loading" The menu items never disappear or become unavailable or anything like that. Ableton is also always the front window
the spinning wheel process.

I've attached a screenshot of the macro and highlighted where I think the pause step needs to take place, but on second thought it might actually be better to do the pause immediately after the 'Create Track' command.

Thanks in advance for any help!

Set up these two actions:

The area in the first one is set to capture the text in this box:

CleanShot 2022-06-27 at 11.00.31

The area in the second can be set the same, although I'm in the habit of setting it a little larger.

This will pause until the track name has changed.


This is incredibly cool. I had no idea KM could do this!


@noisneil -- I forgot to say thank you! You're a wizard! This worked like a charm!

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