Pause Until bug?

Either I don't understand the logic or there's a bug in the "Pause Until" action.

I currently have a "Pause Until" action that's supposed to pause until I hit either the RETURN or ENTER keys on the keyboard.

In other words, the macro should only proceed if I hit any of these keys. Unfortunately, it's proceeding anyway.



Have you tried removing the first condition "These modifiers" "are (not) pressed"?

That seems like where it would most likely be getting confused.

Oh! I don't know how that got in there. I must have been trying something and forgot.

It works great now. Thanks!

Much like finding typos in one's own writing, it's often easier to spot mistakes in "code" that someone else wrote, so I'm glad Peter makes it easy to share our macros here so more eyes can look and hopefully see what we, as the author, might miss. I know it's helped me, too.

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