Pause Until Button needs some permission change?

I recently discovered the Pause Until command, which lets me pause until a dialogue with buttons "OK" or "Cancel" is active, so my script can accurately pause until the computer is ready for the next steps. It works perfectly on one of my Macs, but on two others, it refuses to "see" the buttons.

On one machine I saw a window saying "Google Chrome wants to access" (something, it disappeared too fast) when the dialogue button came up. I checked and made sure that Keyboard Maestro and Keyboard Maestro Engine both have access to automation, accessibility, screen recording and so on, and I toggled these off and on again. What can I do to make KM "see" the the buttons in an open dialog box, like it does on one of my machines?

I'm no expert on macOS permissions, but if the window that you saw actually said "Google Chrome wants to access", then surely you should be granting permission to Google Chrome, not Keyboard Maestro as you said you did. Since you didn't see the message itself, I recommend that you go to the Privacy and Security tabs in System Preferences and go through all 22 sub-panes and see how the two machines differ. This will take you 2 or 3 minutes of work. Sorry about making you check all those panes. (In your case, Paynes.)

I would never install Chrome, as it has given me pains in the past, so I can't check the 22 panes for you.

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Thanks, will try this! I didn't think about checking Google Chrome's permissions.

I messed with it but no joy. Toggled on/off everything from input monitoring to accessibility to app management and screen recording.

I know Chrome isn't perfect but it's the most scriptable browser I've found.

You said you had three Macs. Did you compare the permissions of at least one that works with the one that doesn't work?

I got it working! For some reason it wasn't working on any of my Macs and I got the good idea of deleting the script step and re-making it carefully. Now it waits until it sees the Open button in the dialogue, and immediately refumes the script. Thanks for your help!