Pause until Mouse Scrolling is Complete

I have a Macro setup to scroll down until the screen contains a specific image at a specific location. The problem is that once the Macro initiates the scroll down, the parent macro still continues - even though the scrolling isn’t complete. It’s not as simple as adding a timed pause, because the scroll down amount is different ‘every time’ since the image on screen not always in the same vertical location. So, the first scroll might be ‘this many’ pixels, while the next scroll could be twice as much - and therefore take twice as long.

Any help is greatly appreciated!


For situlations like this, where I can't find any other way to do a "Pause Until" action, I use a "Pause Until Keystroke", like this:

I like to use OPTION-RETURN for my keystroke to continue macro processing.

Notice that I give the user a "Notification" on how to continue the macro.

Of course, you can use any keystroke that you prefer.

Thanks so much for the input. Unfortunately the macro needs to continue without user intervention. I’ll probably just have to find a different way to complete the task I’m going for. Thanks again for the idea - I can use this for other macros for sure.

Have you tried using a "Pause Until Image Found" Action?