Pause until specific file is in Finder [SOLVED]

I'm going nuts with this one... the thought process it super simple, but I can't seem to figure it out...

Macro starts running and checks if file "a.csv" is present in a list of files inside a folder in Finder. If it's there, move on to the next action (let's call it ABC), if not, keep looping until I add that a.csv file. Once I add the file, it will break from that loop and move on to the next action (ABC). It will do this a few times for different files. So basically it will always wait for me to add a new specific file, before allowing the macro to keep running.

I tried the Execute Until, If Then Else, Pause Until...
But my brain is melting...

You will probably think "what the hell is he doing?", but this is what I came up with so far, according to my thought process, but it's not working, of course:

Check if there's a file in Finder.kmmacros (22 KB)

Keyboard Maestro Export

Have you tried "Pause Until... At this path, file exists"? So, waiting for a.csv on your Desktop:


Just add the same but with the appropriate path at every pause-point in your macro.


I could've sworn that I tried that action and for some reason it didn't work or I overlooked it. I'm feeling too stupid now, because that's so simple... haha. But I knew it would be something like this, super obvious.

Thank you!

Ok but now looking at my madness of macro, could that work with some tweaks and fixes? Now I'm curious to know what wasn't working...?

As a standalone, it does work. Start it running, add a file/folder whose names contains "Routines.csv" to the directory ~/Inbox - Global/, the macro finds the file and completes.

Perhaps this bit is OK but it's how you are integrating it with the rest of the workflow?

I have no idea what happened, but yesterday it wasn't working, that's why I created this topic... today it worked. Go figure...

The Pause Until was more than enough, actually. This first version I created, was just because I tried with Pause Until the first time and for some reason it didn't work. Maybe I did something wrong there or something. But again, my macro wasn't working either yesterday and today it was, so...

But yeah, the Pause Until was perfect. I used it already and the macro is working as expected. Thanks

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