Pause until text expander fill ins finishes

Hi all

Im building a Keyboard Maestro macro that will work on email responses. As part of the macro I want to the macro at a stage to pause until text expander fill ins are finished. I'm trying to use the pause until option but can't find the correct way to address the text expander fill ins finish.
Can anyone guide me in the right direction? is that even possible?



Hi @zeltak, I always use a Pause Until action with the "Return key".

In the TextExpander window I use the "Tab Key" to jump to the different input fields and the popup menus I edit with the space bar (open and close) and with the arrow keys.

Here is a hint if you want to have the TextExpander window centered (MBP 15 inch). Use this Applescript in this macro and it will look like this:

tell application "System Events"
	repeat while (count of windows of application process "TextExpander Helper") is equal to 0
	end repeat
	set position of first window of application process "TextExpander Helper" to {1000, 600}
end tell


Ps. runs both on macOS Catalina and macOS Big Sur (Gif) without problems :+1:

thx as always @appleianer!

im afraid though I'm still stuck :slight_smile:

to further explain in more detail im trying to hit create a macro that hits the reply shortcuts then launches a textexpander expansion and then as you suggested when I hit the enter key will prompt me to add an attachment

I currently have this

which docent seem to even expand :slight_smile:

PS is your AppleScript used for Keyboard Maestro or the text expander?

thx again


@zeltak the AppleSkript is the TextExpander window, if you need to make additional input
Therefore it must also be used after the TextExpander shortcut/trigger (here eeat).

If your TextExpander shortcut/trigger for example uses a signature, you do not need AppleScript.

Could you please tell me what your TextExpander Snippet does? What should be inserted there?

thx @appleianer

sure here is the text expander snippet

I want to expand these based on user input and then after it finishes launch the add attachment mail option

thx again


@zeltak here my suggestion for your macro:

Mail : TextExpander <2440 201118T095758>.kmmacros (5,8 KB)

If you have problems with the "Return" key as a pause, then I can recommend the "Selection Sign" key. I also like to use it to restart a paused macro.

Thx @appleianer! sorry for the slow response had a busy few days :slight_smile:

for some reason when using your example macro (with slight modifications towards English use :)) the expansion docent seem to trigger textexpander..
it does type the eeatt characters but no expansion happens..
maybe this is to complicated and ill just have to manually press attach like a caveman after I complete the expansion lol :slight_smile:

thx again for your kind help


PS here is the current macro

Hi @zeltak, I had an update to TextExpander version 6.8 at the WE. In this version my AppleScript changes, concerning the center window for input.

Here at updated macro with an example:

Mail : TextExpander <2440 201123T092735>.kmmacros (24,3 KB)

Important are the pauses between the individual actions. The selection for the file attachment may only start after the text has been completely inserted with the TextExpander Snippet.


for the life if me it dosent seem to expand the tigger. tried with 6.5 and also updated to 6.8 and still lidding work

anyway won't bother you with this anymore, to much hassle

thx again @appleianer, much appreciated!


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