Pause Wrong for Large Values

I'm using a pause of 600 seconds in a repeat loop. It now pauses for only 300-400 seconds. I tested it at 60 seconds, and the pause ended at sixty seconds. Any ideas?

600 seconds is a very long time for a pause action as the macro will be continuously running and can be potentially cancelled by other macros and/or system events.

If you need to trigger something to happen 10 minutes after the initial macro, there are better ways to accomplish it.

If you post your macro and give us a little more info we can shed some more light on how to achieve what you’re trying to do.


Hey @GregT,

  • What version of macOS?
  • What version of Keyboard Maestro?



My guess would be some sort of user error.

It is unlikely the Pause is doing anything other than exactly what it says it does, it's a very simple action, and the timing is based on trivial calculations and the system GetCurrentEventTime which is just the number of seconds since the Mac started.

I tried a simple test with:

and the results were exactly as expected:

2021-10-11 12:46:05 Log: START 1480361.836235
2021-10-11 12:56:05 Log: FINISH 1480961.838114

Accurate to within 0.002 seconds.

I would suggest either the number you are feeding the Pause is not what you expect, or something else is interrupting the macro, or there are two macros running, or some other sort of issue.

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Hey Greg,

Please post a macro with the fewest possible steps that demonstrates your problem.


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