Pausing in the Open and Save Dialog

Currently I’m creating a pause in this dialog using specified pause times, typically 0.75 secs.
However, I wondered if there is a way to pause until a condition is met, thus avoiding having to use a specific delay time?

I have two stages to the saving process.
In the first, after opening the dialog, I use the cmd-shift-G simulation to open the field for the path. Then paste the path into the field. Next I insert a pause of 0.75 secs to ensure that the paste process has completed.
Next simulate the Return key so that the focus moves to the filename field.
Paste in the filename.
Next I have another pause of 0.75 secs to ensure that the paste is complete.

So I’m wondering if there is a way for KM to detect that the information is successfully pasted into the field using “Pause until conditions met” instead of using the “Pause” function.
I’ve looked over the documentation and don’t see how this could be achieved but I’m a neophyte with this application.


Hey @dorich,

Try using Pause Until actions with button-exists or button does not exist.


Thanks, that solved it.