Perform action on currently selected Finder item

I am trying to write a macro to add a tag to the currently selected file in the Finder. I found this topic that says to try the For Each Item in a Collection action, but it is not working. I get an error like "Failed to get file attribute from file..." - basically KM is not reading the selected finder item.

Any advice is appreciated!

To save time and effort you really need to show us the actual macro you are using.

I basically want to hit a hot-key with a file or folder selected in the finder, and have a tag added to it. In the manual, the directions say if you don't know ahead of time the name of the file, to option click the file selection icon; but nothing happens when I do that.


⌥ Clicking that icon will take you to where the file is located assuming the file path is filled in.

The fix should be simple...just add the following text to the "of file" line:


Look just a little further...

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Thank you! That's exactly what I was missing.

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