Periodic trigger not working?

I have several macros like these that were working fine not too long ago. The macros still seem to detect when an app isn't running, but they won't execute the macro. When I click on "try" it works fine. Any ideas what might be going on? I tried changing the triggers and other triggers seem to work fine too.

Trying to think about why this might be happening, and I guess my question is how you know when it sees Paste is not running.

I might try (temporarily) adding a notification that happens before the “Activate Paste” action, and see if that gets triggered. If that happens but the “Activate Paste” does not, then you at least know it is getting inside the “If” statement.

Other than that, I’m not sure what to suggest trying.

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I was trying to think through it too. I think it may have been that I was up past the end time.... But my Devonthink macro was set to go until 4am. I changed the times for all of the periodic triggers to run between 12am to 12am and that seems to have fixed the issue for these macros.

To answer your other question, I knew Paste wasn't running because when I used the shortcut to call up the Paste clipboard it wouldn't show up (I also quit it on purpose for testing).