Permission Dialog Hell in Catalina

So moving to Catalina, I'm super happy to say that nothing in KM broke. But the OS is going crazy, showing me dialog after dialog to warn me that my scripts, which I specifically wrote for the purpose of automating my work, is going to access this or that app, or the disk, or a removable disk, or the keyboard, or whatever. While I've found that dragging my Applescript apps physically to the permissions list helps a lot, some apps seem unable to work without throwing up several dialog boxes, and thus will always timeout if I'm not here to click Yes.

Any ideas about what I can do? Move all external Applescript apps inside KM?

This is approaching Microsoft Vista levels of ridiculousness.


You could add those scrips/apps to System Preferences > Security & Privacy > Privacy > Full Disk Access

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Were these AppleScript apps running OK before? Were you running Mojave?

I'm still running Mojave, so I can't say for sure about Catalina, but in Mojave every app that tries to control another app asks for permission to do so, the first time.

I don't use any AppleScript apps. I choose to run my scripts using either KM or FastScripts. With KM, I usually have KM execute the script file.

Sorry for the delay. Yes they were running fine in Mojave, but in Catalina they ask for permission every time. These are scripts that do things like download files from a list every night, or move files to a certain place for processing, which I've been doing through Applescript applications. One trick I can do is to put the script into a KM macro and have the Applescript just execute that macro, but of course this calls up all the permission dialogs again.

OK might have just figured it out. In Security and Privacy : Privacy : Automation, these boxes were not checked.

Whoops. Checking them doesn't seem to keep the privacy checks from coming up after all. They are ignored.

I have given KM permission for full disk access, but the dialog "Keyboard Maestro wants access to controll..." still comes up every time KM tries to control a new app.

It would be great if we could give an app like KM or System Events blanket access to control any app.

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