Personalized & Reclaimed Hot Keys

Hi friends. I have a headache and am puttering the day away cleaning up my Keyboard Maestro library. I hate when an app makers:

  • changes hot keys after a version update :angry:
  • make IMHO poor hotkey choices :angry:
  • don't provide hot keys for things that IMHO should have hot keys! :rage:

Consequently, I had a lot of macro groups with a single macro--with a single action!--something like:

Today I combined them all into one macro:

Personalized & Reclaimed ⌘E Hot Key.kmmacros (6.6 KB)

EDIT: 2022-07-01 Updated macro and image. Forgot an important part... Forgot to pass the ⌘E through for the "else" condition... :sweat_smile: I also implemented @evanfuchs suggestion and split them into separate macros for each hot key.

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Digging the multiple hotkeys for the same macro and "filtering" on the hotkey, but curious why you went this route instead of separate macros for each hotkey since there are no actions common to both triggers. I have some macros with multiple hotkey triggers, but I find them harder to track since the second (third, fourth...) trigger gets buried in some cases, like sorting on triggers.

That is probably a better way to do it, and I may change to that method if the macro gets much longer.