Photo management of Camera SD slot images. Automate moving and initial sorting in MAC's Dropbox

Hi KeyboardMaestro gurus,

I have found managing photos a challenge since buying a Fuji X-T2 because I now have so many!

My camera has 2 SD slots. They store the cameras RAW .RAF files and its developed .JPG files. It operates a fairly straight forward directory system, I’ve noticed after a couple of weeks, it might have used three folders to organise a thousand photos. With a decent workflow I could format the SD card from the camera itself knowing that everything was safely stored in the dropbox of my MAC. All I ask is RAW files are separated from JPG files–it makes viewing them easier.

Can KBM automate copying these image files when my SD card is inserted to my ~/Dropbox/\ PHOTOS/RAW and ~/Dropbox/\ PHOTOS/IMAGES folders.

I’m a huge KBM fan, albeit a novice. Thank you for your time.


Hey Bolli,

Is it possible? Sure.

Have you provided enough information for us to help you?

Nyet. :wink:

For instance – what are the names of the memory cards when mounted on your system?


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Hey Chris, many thanks for the response :slight_smile:

The SD Cards become ‘Untitled’ once formatted, which might work as a consistent name (ironically)? Images sit within a folder it always labels DCIM, then on whatever basis it occasionally increments the subfolders 108_FUJI, then 109_FUJI etc, but those incremental folders have no purpose at my end (I just want RAW and JPG separated as mention prior).


I rely on Image Capture to launch when an SD card is inserted into my card reader. I select the newer images to copy to my hard drive because I keep the older ones a while as an old-fashioned way of wear-leveling.

But once they’re on my hard drive, I use Keyboard Maestro to run a Perl ingestion script to convert proprietary Raw formats to DNG (DNG Converter), apply my copyright (ExifTool) and write them to archive folders.

So there’s a lot you can do and Keyboard Maestro makes it easy.

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Cheers mrpasini :slight_smile:

Fuji’s unique RAW photo format often sees better results when those images are developed in the Iridient Developer app, which LR is able to directly open.

I hadn’t heard of the term wear-leveling :slight_smile:

Thanks for your response,


“Wear Levelling” is a term applied to Storage Class Memory (AKA Flash Storage)…

… Because Flash can only sustain a certain number of writes per bit, and because write patterns are uneven across a Flash device, the controller circuits will often attempt to level the wear - or manage the writes - across the device. That is what “wear levelling” is.

I hope that helps.

Now to actually read the thread to figure out what relevance this has… :slight_smile:

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Goodness MartinPacker, of all the things to keep you up at night :yum:

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Well it certainly woke me up this morning. :slight_smile:

To be serious, if you have a SSD you rely on wear levelling to make the life of the device reasonable. If you have a server, doubly so.

Reading the OP’s mention I’m not sure why they’re bothering. Perhaps they could explain.

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