Photoshop; Adobe Camera Raw

Anyone has a tip how to create a keyboard shortcut in Photoshop Camera Raw for the item called "Previous Conversion."
Ofcourse i can record it using mouse clicks but i rather use a dedicated menu.

Does it have a menu item? If so, you can use the action “Show or Select a Menu Item”.

No it doesn’t.
Usually i do it this way, i record it as a mouse click sequence and if it has a menu item it will show up like that in the recording. The problem here is, that Adobe Camera Raw is a plugin inside Photoshop.
In Photoshop you can even make your own shortcuts. But not in this CameraRaw plugin.

It’s possible you could come up with a way, if you used UI Browser to snoop around. Great app, once you learn how to use it.

That’s all I got. :slight_smile:

Could you do it in Adobe Bridge without going into Camera Raw? You can either control-click on a file, or a selection of files, and go to Previous Conversion in Develop Settings or do it via the Edit Menu.