PhotoShop Text Formatting

I have a PhotoShop layer text formatting problem that I'm hoping KBM can help with.

Example 1 shows the finished text formatting I need: Center justified.

Example 2 shows the type, copied from TextEdit, and pasted into a new PhotoShop Layer.

Example 3's olive bars show the spaces that need to be "trimmed down" manually to allow the single text object to become centered.

Working with a single text object not 6 individual lines of text.

Does anyone have any suggestions or ideas? Thank you.

Hey Ted,

If I understand correctly you just need to remove the leading and trailing whitespace.

Easily done if you know the correct incantation.


Remove Leading and Trailing Whitespace v1.00.kmmacros (6.8 KB)
Keyboard Maestro Export

Thanks for your response...

I did not include that I wanted to be able to highlight the text and then trigger the Macro to remove the whitespace.

Could you remedy that? Thanks again

Sure. Easily done.

Remove Leading and Trailing Whitespace from Selected Text v2.00.kmmacros (7.6 KB)

Macro Image

Keyboard Maestro Export

I can't thank you enough, this macro is exactly what I'd envisioned, it works perfectly, and you did it literally overnight. Again, thank you very much!

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