Picking the Best Password Manager for You



I said Iā€™m tired of speaking of that app, and I meant it. And this is now also valid for anything related to it.

Continue if you want, but without me.

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Now that this is an independent discussion, I will add that I have used 1Password since the first version was released, and it has served me well throughout the years.

I bought version 7 for a one time fee (the subscription was not mandatory for existing users) and it syncs flawlessly with my Mac and iOS devices using iCloud.

The refined user interface is improved in many areas.

And the setup, configuration and migration from older versions was easy.

1Password is indeed a worthy choice for password management.


Thanks for sharing.

So I decided to upgrade to 1PW7 also. You still have the option of a license purchase for $50, or subscription for $3/month, with one free month. I was going to purchase a license, but then decided to go with the subscription. I think $36/year is a very fair price for the service provided.

The upgrade was easy and smooth.


@Tom @JMichaelTX one of the biggest factors for my choice in 1pw is the ease of setting up family and friends with it on both macOS and iOS.

I haven't reviewed the features list, but the biggest thing I noticed with ipw7 is that the āŒ˜+\ shortcut now seems to be global instead of browser dependent and will now trigger in any app, trying to find something useful within 1pw based on the app. If this was in ipw6 then I missed it.


I also like 1Password and have done for many years.

I am not a big fan of subscriptions, but this is the way I look at it:

  • AgileBits charge me about USD3 per month. I calculated how many minutes of my time that would buy and it's a lot fewer than the time 1Password saves me each month.

It also syncs with my phone and is essential when I need to make a bank transfer while waiting in the checkout queue! :wink:

I like the Watchtower feature, which means the app highlights any pwned websites or passwords so I don't have to try and remember the last article I read in The Register about breaches.

On top of that, my kids are just moving into the digital world and:

  • it's a great way to help them mange school log-ins and at the same time teach them about security.

Travellers to the US may also like that you can mark some passwords so they don't get synced for a certain period, now that the US authorities have the right to ask us foreigners to reveal our passwords on demand when entering that country.


What do you mean by "it will be hard to gag this?" And "gag-ordered." Is this some KM lingo?


I am totally happy with LastPass.

  • I don't have to pay a penny
  • It has the broadest support of browsers
  • it works across windows, Mac and many others
  • the autofill on the browser is the best; easiest.
  • I also love that changes on the websites, updates, and event complete changes usually don't break it. It easily detects changes; when I change the password, or the username and asks me to update it.

I tried 1Password for a while. It was too much of hassle for trivial task of inserting a password. Vault management, blah, blah....it was a lot of stuff. Install LastPass, you are good to go.