Pink screen of death

Finally downloaded KM after years of putting it off and am very pleased. However, since I've installed it, my MacBook Pro (Sonoma 14.5) is waking up in the morning with the PSOD. Last night I made sure that I quit KM before putting it to sleep, and the computer woke up just fine.

I wonder if there are known conflicts with KM that might be causing this?

I've never had such an issue, nor have I heard of any others here on the forums with a similar issue. What is the pink screen of death, exactly? Is it a kernel panic screen?


Yes, I believe it is a kernel panic. I wake the laptop and the screen is all pink and glitchy. Fine upon restart. I started up in safe mode to try to clear up anything causing this (I guess that is now the recommended procedure on Apple silicon computers in lieu of resetting the SMC, etc.).

To be clear, I'm sure that KM isn't doing this on its own, but rather there must be a conflict with another program I'm running. Almost said extension, but I guess those don't exist anymore.

The first thing I would do is keep a close eye on how much free RAM you have. In the past I have had kernel panics, and as far as I could tell, it was a hardware memory problem. The less free RAM you have, the more likely you will use the RAM that triggers the panic. If so, the fact that you are now using KM might have brought you over the top, especially if your KM Engine was using a lot of memory. I recommend that you watch your RAM usage, and watch your KM Engine's RAM usage. Restarting the KM Engine helps me a lot.

Which KM -- Editor, Engine, or both?

Sorry, don't remember, I'll see if the behavior occurs again.

If it is a RAM problem, you may be able to trigger it by launching a bunch of apps at the same time. Eg, Pages, Numbers, Keynote, and as many apps as you can.