Pixel condition relative to mouse

Hate to post two topics back to back, but I’m also wondering if there’s some way to use a pixel condition relative to current mouse location. Many of may most-used macros involve the same set of screen images, just on different locations on the screen. If I could orient the mouse based on one of them, and then do pixel condition relative to the mouse, it would really speed up some of my if/then and pause until actions that I’m currently using screen images for. With three monitors, the screen image search can take more than half a second. It’s not super significant, in the long run, but when I use these actions 100’s of times in a day, it can add up.

Sure. The offset fields, like pretty much all numeric text fields take calculations. And you can use the MOUSEX() and MOUSEY() functions.


Works like a charm. Thanks for your help on both my questions.