PIXEL function innacurate?

Can anyone else test the PIXEL function (attached) to see if the hex values that are represented are accurate? The way the macro works is that it looks at the location of your mouse pointer and obtains the hex code at that precise location.

It seems like the the hex value that's output from the Pixel Function is always brighter than the actual hex value according to Photoshop. I need dead-nuts accuracy and the Hex Value discrepancy between what the Pixel Function says and what Photoshop says is pretty far off.

3. Obtain-Copy Hex Value (at mouse position).kmmacros (3.4 KB)

Unfortunately, you are probably out of luck.

Keyboard Maestro essentially does a screen capture of the coordinate and reads the color value from that, but that is likely after whatever color correction is being done by the system to match your monitor (in truth, I have never really understood how all the color corrections work). So the color that Photoshop is reporting is presumably the color of the image in the pixel, as dinstinct from how that color is mapped to the screen to make it look like that color is supposed to look like (whatever that really means).

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Thanks for the reply, Peter. You were just the person I was hoping to hear from. It seems like a lot of people interpret color a little differently. I'll see if I can incorporate Photoshop's color picker in my macro somehow.

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I don't use any color picker in a Macro (just hasn't come up), but I do use a program that may help: Sip (I have v. 2.3) is on my Menubar and desktop and used every time I need a screen color. HTH.

I don't know how I ended up with Sip, but I suspect the usual: was using something, it stopped worked, found something else that works.

Color perception is complex. "Interpretation" and "representation" are separate functions.

(I taught painting. I taught one color-blind student.)