Pixelmator Pro

Today Pixelmator Pro introduced AppleScript support. (I love Keyboard Maestro but) since graphical output is one of KM's weak areas, could KM introduce some actions that directly use Pixelmator's new AppleScript support? If not, I'll probably have to figure out how to use AppleScript to control Pixelmator Pro.

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Can you tell us a little more about what you think a Pixelmator Pro automation might do for you? I have the app but I've not noticed the AppleScript support.

I also have Streamdeck and Metagrid so the idea of pushing buttons to do things in Pixelmator Pro does interest me. Perhaps enough to create and publish some KM macros.

I had not noticed this, either, so I just ran Pixelmator Pro and up came this popup dialog:

There's obviously a lot more to learn... so start here.


As for the "how," make sure you have today's update then open the dictionary as per the instructions on this page: https://www.pixelmator.com/tutorials/resources/advanced-automation-and-scripting-with-applescript/

As for the "why," it's because I use KM to generate graphs using builtin KM Image actions. These actions are very limited in their power. I need more power.

I realize that 80% of the ideas I come up with are never implemented by KM, but I still feel I can make suggestions like this.

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I think this is more community than out-of-the-box. It seems what’s offered includes diagram generation. There might be other use cases for automation, though. I’m just trying to figure out what it can do and what I want from it.