PixelSearch (Autohotkey) Request OR Possible?

I’m on the fence about purchasing the application and looking for professional guidance or request in application. I have been an avid autohotkey user on windows for most documents.

However, I use OSX, mostly for media rich applications. I am searching for an option to do exactly what this does in autohotkey.
Is it possible? Has it been done?

More specifically, is it possible to search pixel color in x,y coordinates, then pass coordinates to position mouse.

Thanks so much,

Hi Fullsail,

I’m a KM newcomer, but just today I needed to do what you are describing. I actaully had to go one step further and do an image recognition and the have the mouse click in the center of that image (it was a UI button). Worked very well.

With regards to pixel coordinates, you would do what you are talking about. I’m pretty sure.


Andrew K

Thanks for the help Andrew,

Could you explain what new “action” you used to do this, or how otherwise? I just can’t find image recognition features in KM. I have UI buttons as well that changes from one window configuration to another and need KM to recognize the new locations. I only see condition statements for pixel color, but not find pixel color or image recog. and pass coordinates to mouse. What you had mentioned sounds perfect for my needs.


I just tried the “Press Button” UI action. Unfortunately this action will not work.

Basically I have a floating window (always up front), but KM does not recognize this as a separate window. There are button and icons within this window that I need quicker access through scripts. This floating window typically changes location on my screen. In Autohotkey (windows), I can have it follow a specific pixel color within the floating window, modify coordinates to this relative position to always track the UI buttons to press. Hopefully this make sense. So far KM is not impressing me in this area.

Still searching,

Hi Fullsail,

I’ll definitely post the sequence I used. I’m watching the kids in the pool now so I can’t step away. But will do in a bit.

Cheers… AK

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I discovered this site.

This immediately helped me and works great! Love it!

Here is what I tried:

Thanks again for offering the help. Hopefully this helps someone else, first learning the software.


Hi Fullsail,

Here is another way of doing a similar thing. In my case, the Delete command may look different depending on certain situations... and I wanted KM to find it when it was highlighted or not.:

I hope this helps.


Andrew K

Yes, thanks again. The if statements will help.

Very happy with the app. :smile:



You can have all this done in a single action.
See below.
In Click Mouse, you can change the “relative to the” to “found image’s center” and it will click in the center of the image.
This works very reliable in my macros. This does not however give you the coordinates of the found image, if you need these other places in the macro.

Jimmy Hartington
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August 10
Yes, thanks again. The if statements will help.

Very happy with the app.


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