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Hey guys,

I'm working with large batches of images and need to place 1 of 9 different templates in a batch of images. I have created a menu, sorter and repeater in KM already however I am having a hard time being able to place a specific file in Photoshop. I can get KM to bring up the Place embedded... however it opens a dialogue box to pick the file. Is there a way to get KM to select a file at a path from within this dialogue box? I am trying to avoid using the mouse to click within the dialogue box as I want to be able to repeat this action over multiple files.

KM Selects the Menu Option Place Embedded...

Brings up this dialogue box, I need to be able to select one of these files

The path to those files

Not sure if there's an easier option besides using Photoshop actions within photoshop (already using most action shortcut keys for other macros)


When the "open file" dialog appears, what happens if you hit "Command Shift G" on the keyboard? If it opens a path dialog then you can use that mechanism to access a specific file.


I also do a lot with Photoshop and reusable assets as Placed (Embedded). I just tried @vincent_ardern's suggestion; CMD+Shift+G does work in the Place dialog. That means you can have KM execute CMD+Shift+G, paste the correct path, and select the desired file.

I also found these scripting options. I'm not sure if they'll help or not.

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Thanks Vincent! This does work pretty well however I'm running into an a small issue where my action is timing out if it takes too long for Photoshop to locate the path of the file, do you know anyway to set up the Pause Until within the dialogue box?

I would love to setup some scripts for this however I don't have much experience with scripting and am not sure how to setup the script :confused:

you can use a Pause Until action, with the condition: Contains Image

for the image to detect, you can use a part of the Finder 56%20PM

I'm not sure I quite understand. Is the file on some slow storage such that Photoshop takes longer than a second (for example)? If so, the found image conditional above might help you, but I'd probably use a found button conditional myself.

Yes unfortunately the files are on a NAS and I can't move or copy the files onto my computer, my co workers may end up using the macro when it's done so I need to create it to work quickly and error less on any of our computers computer.