Place the cursor in text box

How to place the cursor in text box when a page gets loaded without using Move and click mouse action?

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Maybe you can use tab to get to the field.

Tab is not the best option, some times i need to press it 2 times, some times 4 times on the same web page to get to that text box

What kind of “page”? In what application?

There is the Select/Focus Safari/Chrome Field actions.

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It’s a web page in Firefox browser

Maybe you can use the Click at image function, if the box is somehow unique.

Remember that the move mouse and click image has an option to restore position if it bothers you that the mouse moves.
You find it under the gear-icon.


Sadly Firefox is entirely unscriptable, so it cannot be controller easily.

This is the only way how to do it with KM.
Thanks for the “mouse restore position”.

Restore point? Good to know now after I wrote my own routine to do that and call it everywhere :cry:

I guess it makes future usages quicker…

I have use Keyboard Maestro extensively and I am still discovering small features in the program


Peter, I'm going to pretend I didn't struggle with Move and [Triple] Click at (x,y) from the Center of Found Image for too long - and I'm sure you can keep the secret.

For the next person who web searches "click textbox keyboard maestro", hope they too find "Select Safari Field" / "Select Chrome Field" :slight_smile:

Thank you!