Platyplus: Great Solution to Turn KM Macro Into Menu Bar Item

Occasionally I find an app which I use very regularly but does not have an option to run from the menu bar. Or a Macro in KM which I execute often using a hotkey but would prefer as a menu bar item.

I came across Platypus which lets you run scripts of any type as menu bar items. Among the many ways you can configure it are to run a KM Macro from Applescript; in turn that can do any KM function you wish, including launching an app. Or you can use it to run a Terminal script which launches an app.

Among the uses I set up initially are (1) A Menu Bar icon to toggle open/closed my most-used DT3 group and (2) A Menu Bar icon to toggle open/closed the Apple Notes app (which has no native menu bar support).

There are probably some much more versatile uses of this as well which are beyond my skills as a Developer.

In any event, this seems to me to be a must-have app for anyone interested in Mac automation. It is also free/open source with donations requested.


Thanks for sharing.
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