Play Video Files sequentially


Hello everybody,

  • I’m just curious if I can do that, to select a Video from folder with a single key command or whatever.
    E.g. I’d like to play Video number 235 from a particular folder and play it instantly with the buttons ‘option-235’, then 236, 237, etc… for each of the Videos in folder.
  • Also I’m trying to hide palettes entries when Safari or other apps are enabled cuz these entries cover my screen when I don’t need this functionality.
    • I can’t find where to use the default palette style. Every change I make (colour etc) reflects to Global Macro Palette style only.



You are better off asking different questions in different topics.

How are the videos ordered? Are they consistently ordered? Keyboard Maestro can know which file you initially select (Finders Selection collection), and can list folders (Folder Contents collection), so it should be possible. It depends on how you want to play the videos.

It depends on the palettes as to how they are hidden. You can use the Conceal Macro Palettes action.

Palettes are configured either in each macro group, or the Palettes preference.