Please help with simple clipboard use

I use Keyboard Maestro very simply. Since installing it, I have lost one of the most useful clipboard functions that I previously used all the time. Keyboard Maestro has eliminated an important bit of functionality, and I want to get it back.

I often want to paste some text into a new location as plain text, or more specifically, to match the text style of the document or location where I am pasting. Before Keyboard Maestro, for most programs, I pressed Com m and - Sh if t - V (the Forum software deleted my previous presentation of the key combination). When I do that now, Keyboard Maestro pops up a window, which says,

'Unnamed Named Clipboard; Empty Clipboard Text'

This is both opaque and unhelpful to me. Instead of a simple paste, I have to close this window, and then go into the Edit menu of the application where I am trying to paste the text, and select the 'paste plain text' variation from there.

I assume that there is a better way. I've read the manual and the wiki, and seen how many wonderful things the clipboard manager can do, that I don't want to do. I haven't found out how to make it let me do what I could always do easily before.

I would appreciate your advice.

I'll take a stab at it.

A few questions for you.

  1. Do you have any macros that are using clipboards? That error seems like something is being
    triggered but I'm not familiar with that notification. I'm interested if you are using cmd-v to
    trigger a macro inadvertently.

  2. Do you have any applications that you explicitly don't want to use any Keyboard Maestro
    Clipboard functions? If so, you can exclude them within the Keyboard Maestro preferences.

Let us know.


Thank you for your response, KC. I notice that the Forum software deleted my presentation of the keyboard combination that I was using, and just left a blank space. I wish it wouldn't do that. What I had put in my previous message was the key combination Com m and - Sh if t - V. I don't have any macros with that key combination, nor the similar combination without Sh if t.

But your message suggested that I look for such a macro. I found a macro named 'Activate Named Clipboard Switcher', which I am guessing was created by Keyboard Maestro, and installed without my specific request. So now I just need to figure out the best way to disable this macro that I didn't create.

Thanks for your help.

As long as it's a macro and not an action.

Perform the following:

Select the macro in question, then go to the Keyboard Maestro View menu and select Disable Macro.

Try that then try your regular clipboard workflow. Let us know if it works.


That worked great. Thank you very much.

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