Please help with simple macro

I tried to create a rule that would track the appearance of torrent files in the Downloads directory and when such files appear, check if Transmission is running or not and start Transmission if necessary.

But I'm not a programmer and I can't do anything - is there anyone who could help with this elementary task?

Thank you all very much!

If you have a special thread for newbies - please provide its name!

My Example:

Is your system already set up so that double clicking on a file with the extension ".torrent" will automatically launch the Transmission app?

If yes, then this macro will probably work for you: (just change ".txt" in the macro to ".torrent", and change the app named in the "open" action to your "transmission" app)

Thank you very much! Your variant works perfectly!
I don't know why my variant didn't work.
I changed the macro a bit - because I needed to check if Transmission was running or not.
I'll attach the macro here - it may help someone sometime.

Probably the main reason it didn't work is that you misspelled the word "Extension" as "Extention" in one location.

You don't have to answer any of my questions, but why? Why would you not want Transmission to run if it wasn't already running?

With your latest macro, you aren't telling Transmission the name of the file to open. If you use my method, Transmission will most likely open the new file, (assuming you answer my first question with "yes") which is what I thought you wanted. But maybe that's not what you wanted.

Yes! Indeed!
Didn't notice - English is not my first language and as a result - stupid mistakes!

That's exactly what I'm checking - if the Transmission programme is not running, it must be started.

In my case Transmission has auto-addition of Torrent files from Downloads directory enabled - that's why the rule is a bit strange. If a file with the .torrent extension appears in the Downloads directory, I just need to start Transmission, which will automatically add the file to the download.

Ahh. Makes sense.

The method I chose does the same thing. It starts it if it's not running. But it does that using a different action, which may be why you didn't realize it.

It's quite possible it's not so obvious. I am completely new to programming - that's why I don't understand many things.

Anyway thank you very much for your help!!!!
I still have a lot to learn!

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