Plug In's Hidden Parameters Showing in Editor

Hi @peternlewis, I have a little bug (I think) for you to consider.

I've created some Plug Ins which have hidden parameters. Here's what one of them looks like in the KM editor:

KM 0 2021-05-06_11-21-38

When I turn Edit off this is what I see:

KM 1 2021-05-06_11-23-04

You can see immediately that in this view the parameters that I've specified as hidden are now in plain sight.

Is this by design or is it a bug?

If by design I would like the option to turn it off so hidden parameters are not shown. If it's a bug can you please fix it asap?

Thanks and g'day :grinning:

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It looks like an undesirable behaviour, so I'll fix it for a future version (I wouldn't hold your breath for any reasonable definition ASAP though).

Thanks for your feedback.


I'm glad it's undesirable!