Plugin Folders and additional files?

@peternlewis - Is it OK to include other files in a Plugin zip file? In other words, is there a problem if I include an HTML file and some sub-folders for css and js files, etc., in the plugin’s folder in the “Keyboard Maestro Actions” folder?

I’m contemplating writing a plugin/macro combination that will include a Custom HTML Prompt, and I was hoping I could put all the files that the Prompt needs into the Plugin’s folder.


It should be fine. For future safety, why don’t you put them in a folder called “Resources” and I’ll try to make sure I don’t mess that up and that will avoid extra files at the top level which I might do something silly with in the future.

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FWIW, other plugins (including some of mine) already include extra files, usually including a file with the original script text before it is compiled, or put into a shell script file. But if you did something to those files, the plugins would still work, so no big deal.

The resource folder in bundles is supported by AppleScript:

path to resource directParamValue ¬
   in bundle inBundleFile ¬
   in directory inDirectoryValue

So that seems like a good idea.