Pomodoro Problems

As far as I can tell this hasn’t changed in Keyboard Maestro 8 right? I would still like to use an if statement to check for a window of a background application that is at the forefront.

Hey @skillet,

Since there are various kinds of windows it’s difficult to determine how to talk to a window the user can see — for instance — the front window might not actually be in front according to the system.

That’s why I elected to have the macro report every window System Events can see by application.


Thanks Chris, When I upgraded to Keyboard Maestro 8 it broke several of the scripts you helped me work through with a Pomodoro app I depend on. I need to spend a few hours when I get a chance to see why things broke. It also has not worked as slick as it did back when I was using QuicKeys because of different dialogs poping up in front and Keyboard Maestro not being aware of menulet apps like QuicKeys did.

Hey @skillet,

That’s odd. Keyboard Maestro 8 shouldn’t have broken any AppleScripts…

Tell me exactly what the problem is, and I may be able to help diagnose the issue.


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I didn't want to load that on you because it is an intricate web of macros that all reference each other with variables.

Keyboard Maestro 8.0.4 “Pomodoro - (N) Work” Macro

Pomodoro - (N) Work.kmmacros (61 KB)

I spent a few more hours trying to track down what was going on and finally figured out that apparently empty variables no longer referenced the text I was typing in and now need at least a space to be put in so the values I type in for the "Prompt for User Input "Pomodoro Action" shows up in the pomodoro.

Keyboard Maestro 8.0.4 “Pomodoro - Variable - Key N [Referenced Macro in AppleScripts]” Macro

Pomodoro - Variable - Key N [Referenced Macro in AppleScripts].kmmacros (29 KB)

I am glad that things are finally working again and thanks for being willing to help.

Also as a side note it seems like we lost the key command command+shift+t. Not sure what other things like that changed but I added it back through Keyboard Maestro.

Hey @skillet,

I’m glad things are working again.