Position current window on one of six locations on secondary screen

I've had a look at the Keyboard Maestro macros that deal with window moving/resizing in this forum. So I have hope that someone has a solution for this task of mine.

I'd like to be able to send any active window to my secondary screen by choosing a number (1-6).

Any chance that someone has this on shelf? :stuck_out_tongue:

Does your table show how you want the windows arranged on the Thunderbolt display?

Yes it does. Six smaller panes or alternatively four smaller and one standing page in Skim.

Make a Macro Group. Configure it to be triggered for one action after a hot key (or other trigger) of your desire.

In there place your five or six macros. Give each of them a hot key trigger of 1,2,3,4,5 as desired and a single action Manipulate Window, Move and Resize Custom. Some options:

App 1:

SCREEN(Main,Left), SCREEN(Main,Top)+22, SCREEN(Main,Width)/3,SCREEN(Main,Height)-22

App 2:

SCREEN(Main,Left,33.3%), SCREEN(Main,Top)+22, SCREEN(Main,Width)/3,(SCREEN(Main,Height)-22)/2

App 5:

SCREEN(Main,Left,33.3%), SCREEN(Main,Top)+22+(SCREEN(Main,Height)-22)/2, SCREEN(Main,Width)/3,(SCREEN(Main,Height)-22)/2

App 3 and 6 are the same except 66.7% instead of 33.3% for the left side.

Peter beat me to the answer :slight_smile:
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I’ll leave the next one to you @JimmyHartington …

Thank you, Peter! This looks like something that even I should be able to implement. I'll choose 0 as the secondary trigger for the 1 PDF page standing up screen.

One hotkey to call the macros a second to select the desired screen.

, 0


First I was completely puzzled because some numbers started macros with a lower number. Then I discovered that this had to do with the number 0. When I used 7 instead of 0 everything worked fine.



Two libraries: one for the main screen and one for the secondary screen.
Primary screen.kmlibrary (12.5 KB)
Secondary screen.kmlibrary (12.6 KB)

The numbers 1-9 are used by Keyboard Maestro automatically as positional pseudo hot keys and so are not available for the automatic hot keys (like 0 is in the first picture, which is why it’s colored).

Thanks for that info, Peter.

All happy with my new macro I showed it to someone in the office here and he came with the question:

|Kun jij een venster ook naar volgende space sturen? Irradiated Software - SizeUp - The Missing Window Manager

Translated: Can you also send a window to another Space?

So I had a look in the documentation and found:

How can I move an application or window to a particular Desktop/Space?

Unfortunately, Apple have provided no control or API over the Spaces system, so unfortunately Keyboard Maestro cannot help you control which Space an application or window is in.

So there are other means than 'control or API' to use? I'm just interested ...

You may be able to hack things with UI control to do things in spaces (ie, simulate the UI you would use manually). And there may be other tools that are willing to use private APIs that may help.