Position of Global Macro Palette

I keep the Global Macro Palette displayed at all times and positioned at the bottom of the screen near the dock. But every time I have to reboot the computer the position changes. It’s in the same horizontal position, but it’s displaced about an inch in the vertical direction, and I have to drag it back to the bottom. Is this expected behavior or is there something strange about my system? I’m running KM 7.0.2 on El Capitan 11.0

Its not the expected behaviour.

It could be that the position is not being saved (corrupted preference file most likely) or it could be that the screen sizes are changing at boot and that is confusing things.

What happens if you quit and relaunch the Keyboard Maestro Engine?

If it’s positioned at the bottom of the screen and I quit and re-launch the engine, it’s then displaced about an inch in the vertical direction (in other words just like a reboot).

I seem to recall something like BBEdit having some issue like this. Every time you restarted the app, some pane would be offset a few extra lines. Eventually it walked off the screen.

It sounds to me like your com.stairways.keyboardmaestro.engine.plist file is corrupted. That preference file stores things like the window positions, and the system sometimes corrupts the preference files. It is in the ~/Library/Preferences folder.

Nope. I quit the engine, deleted the com.stairways.keyboardmaestro.engine.plist file from ~/Library/Preferences folder, re-started the engine. The global macro palette re-positions itself every time I quit and re-start the engine. I then removed all of the KM files from my computer, downloaded the latest version from the website and reinstalled it. I then set one of the built-in macros to trigger with the global macro palette; quit and re-started the engine. Same results: global macro palette re-positions itself every time I quit and re-start the engine.

However, in fooling around with the position of the palette, I did find where the problem is. If you position the palette such that the bottom of the palette is below the top of the dock then the next time you stop and re-start the engine the palette is moved so that the bottom of the palette is level with the top of the dock. In other words you can’t position the palette on the bottom of the screen. My reason for putting it at the bottom is so it doesn’t take up any more vertical screen space than the dock itself. Maybe Peter can fix this in the next update.

This is a system thing - it does not like windows to overlap the dock.

Note that it depends on with width of your screen and/or dock and whether the dock is displayed, as my global macro palette is in the bottom left corner of the window, and is not repositioned, but my dock is hidden.

OK, bummer! I never hide my dock so I guess there’s nothing I can do about it. Thanks anyway.

Had the same issue. When starting Keyboard Maestro the palettes that I have at the bottom move up by the height of the doc.

I just found a fix for this.
First install this plugin.

Then you can make a macro like this, that at engine start sets the position of your palette. (Palette name and position you will have to change of course and repeat the action for all your palettes)
reposition macros.kmmacros (2.1 KB)

hope this helps.