Possible Bug for Stream Deck Set Image of Button to File?

I noticed that when using the Action Stream Deck Set Image of Button to File darkens the Image? Or Does the Elgato Software Lighten the Image?

Here are two Icons I made. Both sets are from the exact same image file. The top two are shown from the Keyboard Maestro Plugin using the Action Set Image of Button to File. The bottom two are shown by just dragging the file on to the Elgato Stream Deck Software.

The top two are definitely darker. I even checked with the digital color meter. Just wondering is this a bug, or is this a feature?

I only noticed this because I have a Folder right next to a Keyboard Maestro Plugin in my steam deck, and was like wait a min, those should be matching colors, but why is the KM Maestro Plugin button much darker.

Screen Shot 2023-11-25 at 2.40.12 AM

I haven’t noticed this myself, and the image you uploaded is quite small, so I can’t actually see a difference there either.

But it has me curious. When I’m back at my office on Monday I’ll have to check this out.

I tried it with some app Icons to see if it was maybe something I did in how I saved the files or if this would happen in regular app icons and I got the same results. The icons on the right are with Keyboard Maestro Set Image of Button. And they are definitely darker.
Screen Shot 2023-11-25 at 9.23.27 AM
Screen Shot 2023-11-25 at 9.19.32 AM

If you open the macOS utility called Digital Color Meter, and move the mouse over the image, it will tell you the exact brightness level (although JPG images are slightly modified from the original, so I'll do my best to get the average, and neither images are a flat colour, the colour varies by position)

For the "Music" icons, the dark image (left side) is:

R:235, G:60, B:70

For the brighter image, the values are:

R:235, G:72, B:82

Funnily enough, it's just Green and Blue that appear "brighter/darker".

Remember, it's tricky getting single numeric values when the images are not a constant color. My measurements could be off by about 5. Your measurements may vary (YMMV.)