Possible Bug in 11.0.3

I upgraded to 11.0.3 and also upgraded to Sonoma 14.5. I have lost the ability to update my variables! If I set variable to text, the variable does not update. I'm running the same config on my iMac (Intel) and MBP (M1). Both work. My MBP (Intel) however is totally broken. I tried to downgrade to 11.0, but no luck.


If it's any help, I have the same version numbers and it isn't impacting me.

At this point, my only theory is that your KM Engine isn't running, or is frozen. Restarting it might address that. I'm still pondering it.

Unlikely to be a bug – as @Airy says, others would have seen it by now.

First step is always Help > Open Logs Folder

(to see if anything interesting or unexpected is getting logged there)

First thing to think about might be the mechanism by which your configs and macros were transferred,

(and perhaps to check that the macros you are testing are enabled, after that process)

Checking the log is very good, as ComplexPoint suggests, but a similar quick test is to open the KM debugger (such as from the KM Engine system menu on the top of your screen.) If the Debugger opens up, that tells you the KM Engine is running. Also, it will let you observe if macros that you expect to run are actually running. (To see very short macros run, you may need to click on "Pause New Macros" because sometimes KM is so fast you can't see the macros in the Debugger window.)

I understand. But still, it happened. No evidence in the log. Again, it only occurred in one of three computers, all running the same version of KM and the same version of Sonoma.

I fixed it (heavy handed, I admit) by:
rm -rf ~/Library/Application\ Support/Keyboard\ Maestro

Now it works again.

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