Possible Bug: Search Function Does Not Find Text Inside a "Set Named Clipboard to Image" Action

Flagging @peternlewis so he's aware.

While searching all macros recently for a specific global variable I use, I realized that the results did not include several macros that have that variable inside of a "Set Named Clipboard to Image" action. I copied and pasted the action in question from one of those macros into my scratchpad macro and confirmed that even copying a portion of the variable's name and pasting it directly in the search field makes the macro disappear. There's a screen recording showing what is happening.

It seems odd that the search function would not show this macro since it most definitely does include the words I am searching for. Anybody else run into this issue before?

Possible bug: Screen Recording (click to expand/collapse)

Screen Recording 2022-08-29 at 12.46.38

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The same issue applies to the Find Image and Click Mouse at Found Image actions.

Fixed for the next version.

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Good to hear, thanks so much Peter!