Possible pause until key bug - currently false / true toggle

I had trouble with a macro which skipped over the pause until return key is down action.

Catalina 10.15.7
KM Version 9.2

I found the solution: the action below had for some reason reset itself to currently true. I had to click the return is down/up a few times for it to reset itself to false.

There are no other return keypresses in macro which could have caused the confusion.

It seems that there was a pause until bug in version 8. I don't know if this is related

thank you

@ronald, the "currently true/false" indication is just the state as currently viewed in the KM Editor. This is NOT be relied on to determine how it would work when the macro is actually triggered/executed.

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Nice to hear from you @JMichaelTX !
The reason I posted is that my macro was “running through” the pause action and I could not figure out why, until I noticed that it had suddenly set itself to currently true. After clicking a few times on is down is up, it reset itself to true and the macro worked.