Possible to change the icon for multiple selected macros?

Is it possible to change the icon for multiple selected macros?

Currently, it shows "Multiple Selections" on the right. It'll be great to add something that users can make changes, such as assigning a same icon to all of them.
The right click offers Enable/disable, Duplicate, and Export options. Using Window β†’ Icon chooser won't do anything to them.

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No, but I agree, it would be great if we could, @peternlewis.

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It would be nice to be able to do so. The UI for it would be challenging, so I'm not sure that it is likely to happen.

It's somewhat tedious to do manually, but not too horrendous. Set the icon up using the Icon Chooser on the first one (you definitely want to use the Icon Chooser, as an image would be duplicated 65 times which would be wasteful). Leave the Icon Chooser open.

Then for each macro, you need to click on the macro to select it, click on the Image Well to select the macro icon, and then click on the image in the Icon Chooser to set it.

You could probably automate it with the sequence:

  • Tab (selects the icon well)
  • Click (click on the icon chooser)
  • Command-Option-M (select the macro column)
  • Down arrow

Repeat. You might need some pauses in there.

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Thanks, @peternlewis.
I use a latin letter from the icon chooser and adjust the shape and colors. Then I copy and paste to other macros. Will this result in image being duplicated and wasting storage?

I use some found image actions.

  1. When I paste the same image to different found image actions in different macros, will this cause image being duplicated?
  2. When I paste a new image to a found image action that already has an image there, where would the pre-existing image go? Will it be deleted to free up storage, or will it be kept somewhere? (Since I don’t need the previous images anymore, I would like to delete them. But I rarely remember to delete them before pasting new images.)

Yes. Copying from the image well will copy an image, rather than the special coding that is stored when an icon is created from the Icon Chooser. I would like this to work, and maybe one day I will figure out a way, but I don't have a solution currently.

Yes. Actions never reference other actions, so each is independent.

Depending on the quantity and size of the image, you could create a sub-macro with the action.

The previously used image would be deleted. Only one image is store, if you replace it, the old image is forgotten.

Note that all of this is just trying to keep the Keyboard Maestro Macros.plist file size down - within reason it wont matter. But if you have large numbers of images, then it can start to mount up.

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This is very helpful to know.