Possible to Copy Names From a Column in Excel and Paste Into Facebook in Google Chrome?

I am running Mac OS 11.3 and want to know if this is possible. I have a spreadsheet with over 2,000 names in one column. I want to automate the task of copying each name from Excel, pasting it into the search field of Facebook, running in Chrome, right-click on the profile-picture, and SAVE-AS to a JPG file by that person's name to a folder on my Mac.

I've tried recording the steps, but what I'm finding is that the first step of copying a value out of Excel isn't working.

Here's what the steps have been:

1). Activate Excel (a field is already selected in green)
2) "Copy"
3) Activate Chrome
4). Click at position X,Y in Chrome where the input field is for search
5) "Paste"

I've done tests with steps 1-2, and that seems to be the first place where things go awry. Excel is indeed active, and cell A1 is indeed highlighted in green, but the "Copy" statement is not copying the value to the clipboard.

Any advice is greatly appreciated.

Maybe others can help without seeing your macro, but I don't think I can.

Also I don't have Chrome (evil) or FaceBook (very evil) so I'd have to substitute Safari and Google. I also don't have Excel (no reason to, since Numbers is free.)