Possible to Get an Outdated Keyboard to Run Using KM?

I use an old G13 Keyboard from Logitech to control color grading software. It is amazing for that, but unfortunately Logitech discontinued the product as well as driver support for it. Also, there is no similar product on the market (one hand programmable keyboard).

Could it be possible to get the G13 running and configured using KeyboardMaestro?

I tried creating a test action with "USB Device Key Trigger" but it doesn't seem to react to key presses unfortunately.

If Keyboard Maestro cannot detect the keyboard with the USB Device Key trigger then you are probably out of luck.

Make sure you have entirely uninstalled the Logitech software as it may have exclusive access to the driver which would stop Keyboard Maestro from being able to see the device.

Thanks, I did indeed still have some elements of the Logitech software installed. I uninstalled and restarted but it doesn't work regardless.

Thanks for getting back to me, though!

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