Possible to insert date in "1.2.23" format?

Hello. I'm aware of the documentation in the manual on inserting the date and time, such as:


I've skimmed these extensive pages, but I'm looking for a very specific solution: I want to insert the date in the format "1.2.23," (i.e., short dates, using periods as separators). Is it possible to do this with Keyboard Maestro?

Thanks in advance.

Hello there! Yes that is doable, and you were on the right path with this page:
token:ICUDateTime [Keyboard Maestro Wiki]

Try this out: %ICUDateTime%M.D.YY%


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Thank you!!

See the Keyboard Maestro Editor's Help Menu for ICU Date Syntax.

Screen Shot 2023-01-02 at 23.21.16

Also helpful. Thanks!

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