Possible to launch a macro (ie notification macro) each time a pallet is executed

Hi guys

a thought occurred to me that it would be cool to get a notification of the current iTunes/music track each time I launch the music pallet I have. Is that possible in any way

what I thought was that time I execute this macro (key bind Hyper-z):

I would get a notification such as this

is this technically not possible?



anyone knows if this is technically possible or am I chasing a white rabbit... :slight_smile:

@zeltak - I'll jump in with a solution. YMMV.

To answer your question -- Technically, Yes. However - the way you are trying to perform it is via your hotkey, which I think will cause a Conflict Palette to, eventually, occur. But the way I can do it is by using BetterTouchTool in conjunction with Keyboard Maestro. A while back, my good friend @appleianer taught me to bypass a hotkey shortcuts to spawn palettes in this video. The video is in German but you can use the Closed Caption button.

Therefore, with this method, I trigger many of my palettes with a 3 button click - while in the application. It's a little bit of effort, at first, but no hotkeys to remember for palettes. When you trigger your palette that way, you can run any action along with it.

In terms of your immediate issue -

Here is a a Demo - Is this what you want? (Note, I put the display larger text action so I wouldn't have to show all of my screen for the upper right notification. You could change that that in the display text action or use your Notification action that you displayed above.)

Once you set this up, this is what the final macro looks like:

Like I said, it takes a little time to set it up at first but the liberation eliminates the need for memorizing all the shortcuts. I have palettes and sub-palettes for pretty much all of my applications.

Now, if there is another solution, a real KM guru may be able to assist you. Just wanted to share how you could perform it.


thx @kcwhat!