[Possible To Migrate From KM to UI.Vision?]

I've built my library of macros / automations that perform daily task on a schedule.
They were built on KM of course.

These automations take care of processes that I need to keep running for my internet business.

However, my end goal is to run these macros / automations on a Virtual Machine / VPS w/ UI.Vision (or something similar).

That way, my computer doesn't have to be tied up when ever my macros / automations are schedule to perform their task.

Is it possible to migrate my Macros from KM to UI.Vision??
(Like, export them from KM and import to UI.Vision??)

Or, will I have to rebuild everything in UI.Vision?


PS. Mods, please excuse me for mentioning competitor

I know nothing about UI.vision, but you can export all of your Macros using File > Export.
These are just XML text files.
Then it is up to you and UI.Vision to import them.
I really doubt this will work. Unless UI.Vision can run KM, they will be of no use to you.

That's what I'm suspecting. Difference in how they save your work and file formats. There's probably no compatibility with UI.Visoon & KM.

I'm suspecting I'll just have to rebuild the macros on UI.Vision.

Luckily, I already have them built in KM as a base of reference