Possible to run KM headless?

So I'm using KM a lot more, loving it!

Only problem being that when I run a large task I have to sit & wait for it to complete. Is there anyway to run the tasks in background or via some other method so I can continue to use my laptop as normal without affecting any running tasks?

KM macros are not blocking as far as I know, so they run in the background by default.
For instance I got a macro that is connecting to an external server on startup and I can use my computer normally during the ~1min it needs to execute the macro.

If you mean actions that involve mouse clicking, moving windows to the front, pasting text etc. – That won't be possible. That would require MacOs to have support for multiple cursors and multiple front windows.

It may be possibleto do what you want with applescript depending what you wanna do.

yeah for what I'm doing it would to see the front browser. No way to run it on another desktop on MacOs? so I technically leave that desktop up and running doing what it needs? whilst I go work off another desktop?

There may be a way to do this (it's called multiseat OS). This essentially simulates multiple computers on one machine. In Linux this would be doable, but on mac that would be very tricky, plus you would need an extra macOs licence, and also always run 2 operating systems on your mac – which probably slows down everything, so not the way to go.

As said with applescript you can probably rebuild the same tasks so that it runs in the background – this probably is the easiest way to achieve what you want to do.

any applescript examples you could give? The task I have uses mainly find image funciton to click images within a webpage.

For webpage stuff that runs in the background you could look at https://developers.google.com/web/updates/2017/04/headless-chrome
Instead of looking for an image in the browser you probably could click the elements by their ID using javascript https://kmarsden.com/2016/06/applescript-executing-javascript-in-safari-and-chrome/