Possible to use Tailscale for KM web server instead of port forwarding?

I’d like to have outside access to the KM web server, however I’m behind a CGNAT provided by my fiber internet provider (MetroNet), so port forwarding isn’t an option and also a security consideration I would like to avoid. Has anyone successfully used Tailscale to accomplish this?

Yes, Tailscale is designed with this in mind:

Once your Keyboard Maestro web server is set up and accessible by machines on your local network, any Tailscale-connected machine should be able to reach it using your Tailscale IP address or MagicDNS name.

However, unless you need to use the web server UI via the browser, you also could take a look at the Remote trigger. This enables similar remote functionality, seamlessly, using a coordination server managed by the developer of Keyboard Maestro.