POST Webhook to Keyboard Maestro

Hey all,

My apologies if my question is a bit 'beginner'... I'm learning, lol!

Problem: I'm trying make a POST request from Integromat to Keyboard Maestro but cannot figure it out. I am only trying to pass a single variable through. I'm using the remote trigger in Keyboard Maestro as the HTTP request URL in Integromat.

Is there any documentation on sending information to Keyboard Maestro I could read up on to help solve this problem?

Thanks in advance

That's not what Remote Trigger is for. It's for triggering one of your macros, not another website.

I think you want the Get a URL action.

Hey Danny,

Please be more specific about the actual task you're trying to accomplish.


Sorry guys, you can tell I'm new LOL.

  1. Integromat looks up and returns a variable (the variable is text).
  2. Through a HTTP module, Integromat then POSTS to a URL (see image below)
  3. I then want Keyboard Maestro to GET this URL and unpack the single variable.

I'm not 100% sure what to add into this HTTP module. Typically I look up the API for the program and base it on that.

I hope that makes sense!

You've looked at this?

URL Trigger

Thanks ccstone I'll check it out!

Remove the ?TriggerValue from the URL.

Use GET instead of POST.

Add the information you want with a Query String.


Whatever is in the Query String will be in the TriggerValue token when the macro is triggered.

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Is the issue, though, that Integromat uses POST instead of GET? Can Integromat be made to use GET?

Probably that is what the Method setting controls:

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Sorry @peternlewis I only just noticed this reply - thanks heaps for your help

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