Potential bug with Titlecase (or new user error)

New user proudly creating my first macros :smile:

I created 3 separate macros for changing the case of selected text: lowercase the text, uppercase the text, and title case the text. The lower and uppercase filters work as expected, but the title case filter sometimes has problems with all uppercase text. My solution was to force the text to lowercase with a lowercase filter step, followed by the title case filter. This workaround seems to fix the problem. (BTW: I'm running under latest version of El Capitan if that has any bearing).

Wondering if the problem is a bug with the title case filter or a new user mistake?

Here is my title case macro with the lowercase workaround ... any suggestions for better macro design appreciated :smile:

This is not a bug, but it is most certainly unintuitive.

Title-case simply uppercases only the needed characters and ignores the rest, so you the user have to make sure the appropriate characters are lowercase.

So the sequence of lowercase ⇢ titlecase is necessary.

You'd think the function should automatically handle the lowercase part, but nooo... This is typical in many systems than convert case.


Title Case is based on John Gruber’s Title Case script and works this way so that you can title things like “the CIA operation” without ending up with “The Cia Operation”. If you really want to force the latter behaviour, then you simply need to use the Lower Case filter first.


It is tricky. My own workflow now uses Bookends for Bibliographies which is the only time I need Title case. That program has a setting for each style to be either in Title Case or Sentence case, all caps if you should need it. Has an exceptions list too. The setting is under Bibliography>format manager… . I know this isn’t Keyboard Maestro stuff as such, if it is inappropriate to put up here let me know. I have no vested interest in Bookends.

The main issue for me is getting exceptions for Title case for Bibliographies. I might try doing it with Keyboard Maestro as an excercise to learn more about it which I enjoy.