"Power Automate Desktop" Now Free on Windows 10 and Reaching Inside Window-Objects

As a long-time Mac user, I note with interest that Microsoft is now making "Power Automate Desktop" (described as a macro recorder on steroids) free in Win10. Obtained by MS through purchase of a 3rd party company, with additional effort by MS to integrate with Win10, you can read about it and obtain it here. Apparently will be included in future releases of Windows.

Two questions for those of us on the Mac:

  • Wonder what this foreshadows for similar actions by Apple?

  • Are there some ideas in it that could be incorporated in KM?

While I'm at it, let me exercise my "curmudgeonly old guy" status and complain about what appears to be much more difficult in macOS now than in the old, pre-OS X days.

  • Probably due to the simpler and more uniform (i.e., only one way to really do it) graphics in Mac OS 9 with Carbon, it was much easier to reach into windows and create macro trigger events by mouse clicks on named fields, not just some physical coordinate.

  • Now with the plethora of graphical programming options for Mac-native windows, I guess this is much harder for the macro recorder system developer to achieve. Sure miss it.

  • But what about "structured" displays like HTML (and even PDF). Sure would be nice to be able to navigate the web DOM when writing macros. (Apologies if this is already available; still a KM newbie.). Suspect this could often be impractical because of the violence done by webpage generators to the page's DOM to achieve some formatting effect.

BTW, not looking for a specific answer, but to share information and spark discussion.

Mike (old-time LISP programming who wishes that all levels of the computational environment were equally accessible and mutually conversant)


Thanks for sharing.
This looks very interesting.
Hopefully it will be the equivalent of, or better, KM for Windows.

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Thank you for sharing this, I recently built a gaming PC and as such, have started to use a Windows desktop more recently, and I miss Keyboard Maestro SO MUCH. AutoHotKey is very powerful, but lacks a GUI, this seems really nice as well, but looks like it might miss some of the power. I'll bet the combination of AutoHotKey and Power Automate Desktop would be what I'm looking for.

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